STRIDE Academy Class Login Information

STRIDE Academy 

Stride is an Internet-based academic program that gives students the opportunity to enhance their Math, Reading, Science and Language Arts skills while working on their tablet or computer. Because it combines learning with exciting online games, students see Stride as a fun way to master skills that are required for their grade level.  Stride’s activities are based on Alabama State Standards and, therefore, are closely linked to the content students will study here at school. Stride presents questions and problems in a manner that is similar to Alabama’s testing so this is another benefit of the program in preparing students for testing. We are so thrilled to add Stride to our educational curriculum!

Check back here periodically to see new posts and information about contests and competitions coming soon! You can find all the “how to” information listed below!
Please contact Mrs. Brewer if you need assistance logging in.

How to get started: It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Language Arts success at school can be a shared learning experience!

As a partner helping your child make the most of learning, Stride offers the right tools for you and your child.  It all begins with a simple login to the website. A student may log in from any computer or tablet that has Internet access to the web.

How to access Stride:

  1. Access your Internet
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the ALC code for your child’s class
  4. Select your name and enter a password if needed
  5. Select your subject
  6. Begin answering questions and playing games!
Class Name
ALC Login Code
Class Name
ALC Login Code
Back ALC106162 P. Hayes ALC52298
Garner ALC569016 E. Hayes ALC08863
Bowman ALC16896 Barnes ALC50010
Patterson ALC330273 Wilson ALC03257
Johnson ALC797935 Rogers ALC793948
Cordi ALC289420 Mosley ALC472099
Peterson ALC41744 Tow ALC44248
Hedgspeth ALC221799 Pierce ALC256186
Hibbs ALC82025
Gruver ALC669833 Strain ALC888339