Accelerated Reader Program


Accelerated Reader Implementation Guidelines


This year we are putting into place several general guidelines for the Accelerated Reading program. This is to help protect the integrity of the program. AR is a great program with many great benefits. Establishing these guidelines will ensure that we are providing our students the opportunity to build a love for reading as well as challenging them to set and meet personal goals.

The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Start Date – All 2nd-5th grade students will begin testing on Aug. 22nd. 1st grade students will begin testing on Sept. 6th. This adjusted start date will allow teachers to go over all AR guidelines and establish expectations and routines for testing.
  2. Reading Logs – All students will be required to keep a reading log of titles read. Prior to testing, a parent signature will be required. A teacher signature will also be required prior to testing. Teachers will make logs available to students and teach/review how to use a reading log.
  3. Point Goals/ Comprehension Goals – A formula will be used to set two goals for each student individually. The formula consists of a students reading range (ZPD) and time given in class for reading AR books. Using this formula ensures that the goal set is attainable for each student. Students that meet their reading goals will be rewarded each nine week period. See AR Goals Reward System link below for more details about rewards.
  4. Reading Certifications – In addition to point and comprehension goals, students will be given the opportunity to reach several different reading certification levels. Teachers will determine the starting point for each student. As certification requirements are met, students will be rewarded with charms. This system has been used in the past and has been very successful at establishing the beginning of good reading habits for students. There is no additional log or tracking for this part. The program keeps up with it as your student works toward their point/comprehension goals. Charms for reaching certifications will be given out by the librarian upon completion. See Reading Certifications link below for more details about certification levels.
  5. General Testing Guidelines – Students will not be allowed to test on more than two books per day. This limit does not include titles that are read in class as read alouds, class books, teacher read titles. Students should be testing on titles in their Reading Range. Teachers will make these ranges available to all students. It will also be noted on their reading logs. Students that read books using audio versions, and/or read any Classic Literature/higher level titles will be required to complete a “book talk” with the librarian prior to taking the AR test. (Examples: War and Peace, Gone with the Wind, The Hobbit, etc…) Testing is only allowed during the school day while at school. Students will not be able to test at home.

I hope this information is helpful. There is a parent “Home Connect” aspect to this program.  When you log into it, you can see your child’s progress and also sign up to receive email notifications for tests taken by your student. See Home Connect handout for directions for logging in at home. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Brewer for help or questions about the Accelerated Reader program.

AR Reward System

Reading Certification Levels

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