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FAQ’s –

How do I find a lunch and breakfast menu?

Eura Brown Breakfast and Hot Lunch Menus

Eura Brown Grab-n-Go Lunch Menu

Where can I pay for my child’s lunch and view what my child is purchasing at lunch?


How do I request and receive materials to use with my child at home?

Parent Teacher Resource Center

Where can I find out what books the school library has and when my child goes to the library?

Eura Brown Library Webpage

Where can I find the GCS 2016-2017 Calendar?

2016-2017 Calendar

Where can I log in and check my child’s Accelerated Reader progress and Math Facts in a Flash?

Renaissance Home Connect*

Where does my child log in for math resources?

Think Central Login Page*

*Please check with the librarian to receive your username and password for these sites.