E-Learning Day Information

October 9, 2021 jbrewer

E-Learning Day Activities April 14, 2022
Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22nd, 2022. Please see the following E-Learning Earth Day activities that pertain to your child’s grade level. The links are simply resources. There is nothing needed on the sites that will require a device and the links are mobile friendly. Students will be familiar with the site prior to E-Learning day.

K-2nd: Explore the website below. Ask a parent, sibling, friend, or anyone with you to help you pick a topic to read that interests you. There are games you can play and videos to view after you have picked a topic to read about. When finished, complete the Earth Day packet provided to you in your child’s folder. Please return completed packets to your child’s teacher on Monday, April 18th.

3rd-5th: Explore the website below. Pick a topic from the Save the Earth site to read thoroughly. When finished, fill out the graphic organizer provided with your Earth Day pledge. Either on the back or on a separate page, use your graphic organizer to write a paragraph stating your pledge.  Have a parent, sibling, or friend proofread your paragraph. Turn the paragraph in to your teacher when we return to school on Monday, April 18th.