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Salute to Veterans 2020American Flag

This year, due to COVID safety protocol, we are unable to host an in-person Veteran’s Day event. However, this won’t stop us from recognizing some of our most beloved heroes! We are taking our recognition virtual, and we want to include the veterans in your life! Your student is invited to submit one of the following to be included in our Eura Brown Elementary virtual “Salute to Veterans 2020”:

  1. Students may submit an original piece of artwork paying homage to veterans. Artwork must be no larger than an 8.5/11 inch piece of paper, and must have a title and the student’s name displayed. It will be scanned digitally to be included on the virtual show.  
  2. Students may submit the following digital media: a poem, short story, or interview with a veteran. Students need to record themselves either in video format, or they can record a voice-over with a photo. Recordings may not exceed two minutes in length. 
  3. Students may submit the name of a veteran or late veteran in their family. Those names will be displayed as part of the digital show. If submitting names, please include the student’s first and last name, the veteran’s first and last name and branch of military service. Students may submit multiple names. 

All submissions are due by the morning of Monday, November 9th. Please submit all items to with the subject line “Salute to Veterans 2020”. You will receive confirmation once received, but there is no absolute guarantee that all submissions will be included. If there are sound or visual issues, it may not be included and I will notify you. 

Thank you for your participation! This is a great opportunity for your student to have a hands-on learning experience, and honor our veterans at the same time. I look forward to seeing their creativity!


Katie Holland