During the school closure, due to COVID19, teachers will be giving instruction using the Google Classroom Application. Information on how to join the teachers/grade levels google classrooms can be found below.

Google Classroom Information

Eura Brown Elementary School uses Google Apps for Education. All students have access to the use of these apps by using their unique Google Username and Password associated with the Gadsden City School System. Google Classroom is one of the many apps available. This app is specifically used by the teachers to help deliver lessons, assessments, and content online. Please follow the link below to access the Google Classroom platform. You will need your child’s Google username and password that was assigned to them by the school. If you need that information, please contact either the classroom teacher or our media specialist, Mrs. Brewer.

Google Classroom Link –

After you log into Google Classroom using your child’s username and password, the following codes can be used to join.

* To join a classroom, please click on the + sign in the top right area of the page and then select join a class. Then enter the code listed below.

Kindergarten Class (all students) – r57bca5

First Grade Class (all students) – wbz6xyp

Second Grade Classes (by the teacher) –

Mrs. Humphries – 54fnkth

Mrs. Johnson – m66wcoo

Mrs. Rogers – nfygnhf

Third Grade Classes (by the teacher) –

Mrs. Cordi – ulzjmyu

Mrs. Mosley – pth7xsy

Mrs. Trotter (join each class by subject) –

  •    Reading – 46pvedy
  •    Math – tyvyctx
  •    Science – a4brhdv
  •    Social Studies – 26f3dzk

Fourth Grade (all students) – dnyxe5a

Fifth Grade Class (by the teacher) –

Mrs. Baker –

  • Homeroom – oiudfj5
  • Reading – jcjot3e

Mrs. Gruver –

  • Reading – 6fpd7a7
  • Math – sdgyogr
  • Science – oqrxjqu
  • Language – sefe6t2

Mrs. Strain –

  • Language – 2khn52a

Resource Teachers

Art –

  • K, 1st & 2nd – qkvuxkw
  • 3rd, 4th & 5th – vy75sap

Mrs. Sherrod 5th Grade Strings – xxykkch

Tech Club (members only) – zlvcslm

Enrichment – innqmtp

Counseling –

  • 3rd Grade – tomzvdx
  • 4th Grade – nokback
  • 5th Grade – v24pa67

Library –

  • 2nd Grade – o6pso2w
  • 3rd Grade – 5y5oqmt
  • 4th Grade – dnyxe5a
  • 5th Grade – yjnbktq