There’s a Party Going on Around Here!!! A Book Fair Party!

October 27th-November 5th

Book Fair is almost here! We are so excited about having a normal book fair this year. As with most all things, the pandemic has brought about some new changes in how our book fair will run. To make it easier on us all, I have outlined a few of those changes below.

    • Coin Drop – Our coin drop has always generated major funds for our teachers to use to build their classroom libraries. This year, we will not be bringing in actual coins. Teachers now have an e-wallet for monetary donations (coins) to be collected in for their use at the book fair. We will send out the links to these e-wallets soon. Parents can begin adding funds to them beginning Oct. 25th. The teacher with the most money collected by the end of the day on Nov. 3rd will win a party!

Coin Drop

    • Click this link to access a PDF with all teacher links. Click on the link from that form that you wish to add your “coins” to. You will also find the link for our Book Buddy account listed as well. Remember, this link is designated for students that might not be able to purchase a book during the book fair.
    • Family Shopping Days (November 1st & 2nd) – We will have a time that parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, and friends can come and shop with the students. We are dedicating two full days of our fair to Family Shopping. Due to the need to keep crowds manageable, we will schedule shopping times alphabetically based on the family last name. Family Shopping Days
    • Teacher Wish Lists – Along with shopping in person, we now offer the ability to shop virtually for items for each teacher. The teacher board will be available as always, but now if you can’t make it to our Family Shopping Day you have the option to shop virtually for the teachers as well. The teacher’s virtual wish list will be published for everyone to access as needed.
    • Student e-wallet – Students now have the option to have an e-wallet to use for shopping as well. This is a great way for out of town family to support your child during book fair week. Just create the e-wallet online and share the link with family. This also eliminates the need to send cash to school each day with your child. I’ve attached a short video for you to watch about how e-wallet works.
    • Buy a Book for a Buddy – If you are interested in helping a student that might not be able to purchase a book at the book fair, we have a way to make that possible! Use this link to fund an account that will be used ONLY for students that want a book and are unable to purchase one on their own.


Our online book fair shopping link is

You will find the link to create an e-wallet on our online book fair shopping page.

Enjoy these Author and Title Previews of what is coming!!!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me! I’m looking forward to a great Book Fair Party!!!

See you soon!

Mrs. Brewer