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I have had the following quote posted above my desk for several years and it has become my motto.

In a time when society has relaxed its standards of what is acceptable, we must hold fast to our tradition of excellence. We will not settle for mediocrity.

As parents, we have the opportunity to set the direction of our child’s life. It begins early when the child is young and adapting to his home environment and later the school environment. Creating and maintaining a home environment where learning is constant and parent/child engagement in academic endeavors is positive, encouraging, and rewarding is paramount to a child’s success in school and often in life.

We must be academic champions for our child. The skills, habits, and knowledge gained in elementary school are at the core of all that follows. The core must be solid and strong or mediocrity will replace excellence. We should always be mindful of what and how our child is doing in school and let him know that anything but his very best effort is unacceptable.